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The product is great however, the packaging makes it hard access

Calming Deep Moisture Toner 150ml
Luciana Brady-Henderson
Simple and efficient

There are no bells and whistles to talk about with this toner. It does what it is supposed to do, no skin irritation, major hydration and simple skincare.

stacy stancati
An absolute game changer

My husband is Korean and has dealt with cystic acne all his life. Using proactive and their chemicals. I used they other lines this company has to offer and bought him the acne line. He is absolutely head over heels in love. He said it's magic wizard stuff. I turned him into a true believer and you have customers for life.

Black Tea Deep Infusion Toner 130ml

Great product and service

Feels almost like serum!! Very nice.

Cleansing Foam 150ml
An Acne Prone Young Adult
Best Cleanser I've Found

I have struggled for years with breakouts and unmanageable, irritable skin. My best friend initially bought me a bottle of this last year which I used until it ran out. I was so pleased with the results that I just bought another one. I would highly recommend using this product on one of those silicone exfoliating pads. Not only can you use less product, but I found it cleanses better then when I use my hands.

My Holy Grail

Nutrition Cream is my holy grail of skin care. My skin is dry, extremely sensitive, and aging. This cream hydrates without irritating, causing breakouts, or leaving a greasy feel.

Deep Clear Cleansing Balm 100ml
Luciana Brady-Henderson
Love it

I usually use the Beauty of Joseon cleansing Balm and I like it just fine. I bought this one out of curiosity. I am very glad I did, it works well, it also has no fragrance and the scooping tool is stored in way that is convenient for future use. A little goes a long way and the value is unbeatable.

Hands down the BEST

It's one of my holy grail for moisture!!! I always have 3 in my backup supply...leaves soft and bouncy. I am a chemical peel and retinal user! This plus the moisture ampoule and essence toner are my favorites and MUST haves....

Great 4 double moisture

I love this and the intensive repair cream as a sandwich for my retinal use and it leaves sooo soft and bouncy....I use these 2 moisture power horses daily and love them i try to grab them when there on sale to have extra back up!! Cuz I love them so much

It's comedogenic

It doesn't say anywhere it isn't. It's mostly good for moisturizing but I can't help but suspect it contributed to my occasional random pimples (combination skin).

Essence Toner 200ml
Ruth Westbrook
pleasantly surprised

I tried this because of the reputation of Korean products and because I'm on a budget. I am almost 50 and am starting to get larger pores and my skin is starting to look older. This really did help calm, smooth out, cleanse and overall give a momentary rejuvination to my skin! very pleased

Difficult to get out of bottle.

Soft and whipped cream that replenishes skin

Very hydrating and refreshing toner

Second time purchasing cream. Arrived so fast!


great product so far I like it it makes my skin feel great.

Top Notch

Living in a desert, my skin is dry nearly all the time. I've tried various other brands with some success. This cream is by far the best I have used. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and night and will be a permanent addition to my routine. If I could get this mixed with a sunscreen/block it would be perfect.

Black tea serum


Eye Cream (1ml X 50ea)
Deanna Bennett
NEVER go without

This is glorious, I can't believe it is even available!!! I don't know how I've lived without this incredible protected cream it's a miracle,the highest quality available today in my view, try it ! You won't regret it !!!!!!

Moisture Cream 100ml
Malin Ramirez
Made my skin itch

Cream didn’t work for me. I have normal skin but the products made my skin itchy.

Easy to use and very absorbent


The Calming Line has made my skin soft and comes in great packaging. Love it so far!

Very effective in hiding or reducing wrinkles.